The app for the creative mind!

Yay! We are finally able to present you crense, the ONLY app for the creative community!

What is crense?

Crense is a mobile application that works as a marketplace for both: artists (from all over the world and all sorts of background – digital artists, graphic designers, identity designers, tattoo artists, letterers, typographers, print designers, writers, musicians, font makers, etc) and art lovers.

How does it work?

1. You download the FREE app!
2. You create a profile
3. You post 3 presentation pictures of your art piece or a sample of your music, together with the original file (PDF or mp3) and tap OK
4. Once live, you share it on your social media or website to help you attract attention towards your artwork
5. Art lovers browse through the app and tap the “add to cart” button
6. You sell your art!

Crense is designed to not only help you create a passive income by doing what you most love, but also to build a community on your own, become the best out there and, why not, be able to make a living out of your passion.

What makes crense so unique?

While still a marketplace, crense has all the benefits of being an application: it is easy to use, fast, engaging, done from the comfort of your own home, bus, work, etc and very user friendly.
It is like a social media with a selling button!


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