Special thanks and more info regarding the app

Hello everyone! First of all, thank you so much for showing interest in our app and for visiting our blog.

We are at the moment shooting the video for the crowdfunding in order to have Crense on the market for you guys as soon as possible!

Why crowdfunding?

Because we need a great team of developers to build something sustainable, with no bugs and in perfect state; a team that will develop what we designed (which, by the way, looks amazing and we are really proud of. You will be too! ).

We need great legal advisors so that you can operate with ease and sell your digital goods.

We need great marketing to attract the art lovers who will purchase your pieces of art.

And last, but not least, we need awesome servers to sustain all the amount of pics and files that you guys are going to upload.

We chose the crowdfunding way because we want to built this “in the family”: just us (Crense’s team, you, the artists, and you, the art lovers) with no investors, no corporations taking the lead, no decision makers other than us all, the creative community!

Another reason for crowdfunding is that, although we believe that our idea is awesome, we want you guys to participate in the creative process: with ideas, feedback, opinions and contribute with whatever you want (being it financially or just by sharing the idea of the app on your social media – don’t underestimate the power of social media, you guys! You can make a great deal of difference just by sharing) in order to make it happen!

As I wrote in our first post, Crense is an app that is developed with the purpose of making artists’ lives easier and that sale possible in a comfortable way. It doesn’t have to be hard. As a matter of fact, the easier the better!

With this in mind, we focused our attention on developing one app that will not only be really user friendly, engaging and that will act like an inspiration board for artists, but one that will make a huge difference in the monthly income of every artist that is at the moment struggling to get their work seen and sell it.

As for you, the art lovers, this app is an eye candy and, given the fact that nothing will be printed out and shipped, will allow you to have endless copies of the same piece, print it out yourselves on whatever quality or shape paper you wish, not having to worry about delays, shipping costs, non custom frames, etc. With one download you will be able to make a great gift, have a nice poster in your own home and also decorate your desk with something pretty original and cool.

For the video, we have selected 5 artists, from different backgrounds, to talk about their experience with Crense. We’ve been shooting yesterday and, I am telling you, that was a dang great experience! As an artist myself, when I saw how much joy and enthusiasm they’ve put into the video and how grateful they were for being part of it, I was really thrilled!
One of them will take care of the blog together with the rest of us! She will be posting tips, anecdotes and fun stuff before and after the release of the app. She will also be the one that will write about how to get your sales up and make the most out of the app.

But for now, thank you again for being part of Crense and sharing our vision!

Best of the bests for you guys! Special thanks to our Instagram, Facebook and Tumblr followers and to the guys that were part of the video yesterday!



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